West by Stacey Marie Brown

West Moseley is known as the “charming” Dark Dweller. With his cheeky grin and southern drawl, he can charm anyone. And he does.

But after being held prisoner and tortured by the cruel Seelie Queen, West’s past comes back to haunt him. His memories of a tragic event and the truth of what happened on the Light side goes deeper than anyone realizes. Things he wants no one to know about.

Struggling with his own demons, he battles the very essence of what he is—a Dark Dweller—a terrifying beast from the Otherworld designed to hunt and kill.

When the Unseelie King sends him to Ireland to uncover a dangerous artifact, West’s entire world takes a dangerous turn.

When a treasure lands in his hands, one he never suspected, nor wanted, he learns one crucial thing: you don’t steal from the Demon King . . . not if you want to live.

I’m so glad to see Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown continue!

West – oh my god! This book is kind of like a bridge or filler between the Darkness series and the Crown of Light series. It follows the story of West – a secondary character from the Darkness series, and takes place around 6 months after the battle against the Seelie Queen that took place in Blood Beyond Darkness.

West and Rez make such a great team together – I actually really like Rez in the Darkness series, and I’m so happy that we got to see a deeper side to her, and learn more about her past. Same goes for West – his back story reveals so much about his character.

As for Lars… hmm… I thought he was a good guy back in the Darkness series but, well, now I really don’t know. That makes me really excited about Crown of Light, because I’m looking forward to learning more about just what happens next. Since West ends on a mild cliffy, it just builds up the anticipation. The plot is thickening………..

You don’t really have to read the Darkness series first in order to enjoy this, since it is written really well, but at the same time, I would highly recommend it. Stacey’s books are amazing, and you’re really missing out if you haven’t read each and every single one of those books. Seriously.


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