Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

This book kept coming up in my recommendations, and the title sounded pretty catchy, so I thought I’d check it out – and the description made me want to read it even more.

Well, it is a nice story, although the plot reminds me of many other book, from True Calling by Siobhan Davis, to the Hunger Games, to the selection by Kieran Cass… the plot idea had promise, but it was overdone.

Marketers of the book describe it as similar to the Selection – and they’re right. It is the same average writing, books that started on the right book, but soon lost their charm – books that weren’t enough to keep me interested.

60% of the first book was good, and then it just went downhill. I read about 20% of the second book, and then DNF. Victoria just began to ply us with mundane details that I had no interest in. The characters, like in the Selection, we’e pathetic and had about as much personality as an eraser.

Perhaps the worst thing about this story was the plot twists. It was super dramatic, lame, forced, and you can make our it was written just for the sake of it. In case you decide to read this, I’m not gonna spoil by telling you what happens, but it was just… meh.


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