Diana “Ruin” Mason from The Noru

It’s easy to make me the villain. But I’m hoping you won’t do the easy thing and hate me.

The Noru is the sequel series to Guardians by Lola St. Vil, and of all these books, Ruin is my favorite character. Simply because I think she is the strongest out of all of them, and seriously, she has lost so much.


Like I said, Ruin is the one character that has lost the most. Sure, there’s that whole hype about Pryor having a really hard life or Emmy having the worst lot. Puh-leez. None of you have ever come close to the suffering Ruin has experienced.

When she was a kid, she didn’t have any friends. Not for lack of trying; just by virtue of her family and how poor she was. For a while, she took solace in her mother and grandmother, even though she had lost her dad. Then her grandmom died a painful death and her mother committed suicide. As a demon, she was happy, and she thought Aaden could make her whole again. She was there for him all the time, and helped him face his demons, but he threw it away. Except that not only did she lose him, she lost her life, her heart, her wings, and being a Kaster – all because of Pryor.

And then Hunter comes along and she loses her kid too. To imagine that she’s had the strength to keep going for so long and hiding her pain is amazing. And I hate the fact that she gives up so much to help the Noru and Aaden, but Pryor’s petty jealousy just keeps ruining (haha, get it? Ruining? Sorry, I couldn’t resist) everything. She is constantly made out to be the villain, and I really dislike Pryor for that.

So how long is she supposed to keep going? Somehow she is expected to help everyone and make herself useful, but for who? People who hate her and would love to see her in even more pain than she already is? She’s a prime example of life being unfair. And that is an understatement.

The series isn’t finished yet, so we really don’t know if she gets a happy ending. But I really hope she does, because this is one girl who has lived a miserable life and really deserves to be happy. Sure, she may have made a lot of wrong choices, but how much of that was an evil demon and how much was an innocent girl trying to find hope?


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