The Young Elites by Marie Lu

What’s up guys?! I’m getting out another post today, even if it isn’t the tenth day yet, because I’ve been reading quite a lot recently, so I’ve currently got 43 drafts waiting to be published… Yeah, I know that’s a lot. Weekly updates during May, June, and July!!

Onto the review.

Picture this scene:
A girl sits facing her laptop, the final page of a boo open on the screen, yet she doesn’t seem to be reading. She gazes out into blank space, her eyes shining with the heavy weight of unsaid emotions and bittersweet heartbreak. Her expression is one of shock, then morphs into profound sorrow, as a tear slowly trickles down her cheek. Then another, and yet another.

I cried six times during this trilogy. The most I’ve ever cried before is once during a series, let alone a single book. I actually cried twice during each book, which to me is a sign of volatile emotional manipulation. Read this if you wanna cry.

Mixed feelings.

There was just so much… darkness throughout this series. Marie says she wanted to write the story of a villain, but I feel this is actually the story of an innocent, yet completely broken girl, and the devastating story of her life. It perfectly captures the change in Adelina, from a scared, innocent girl, to the heartless villain, and finally to  an anti-hero. It’s untypical, but the themes and the message are just beautiful. Marie just plays your heartstrings like a Puppet Master (haha, get it? You will if you read book two, The Rose Society :p).

When it comes to the actual story, though, I do feel it leaves much to be desired. Book one, The Young Elites, was fabulous in every which way. Books two and three, though, weren’t very engaging, and I wasn’t exactly hooked when I read them. I found myself skimming through more often than I care to admit, because the plot, mystery, intrigue, and suspense all just fell flat. The second two books would have gotten 3 stars, but 5 stars for the ending – so I gave them each 4 stars on Goodreads. They actually deserve closer to 3.5.


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