Call of the Forgotten by Julie Kagawa

This is a sequel trilogy to the Iron fey, and here, we see everything through the the eyes of Meghan’s brother, Ethan.

I was kinda disappointed that the original characters wouldn’t be there anymore in this book, but I was so wrong. Call of the Forgotten started off even better than the Iron Fey, and the books just kept getting better and better.

The themes get a whole lot darker. We can see Ethan dealing with a lot more socially unpleasant stuff than Meghan ever did. I initially thought Ethan was going to be a typical brooding teenage boy, but I’m glad to see everyone hat his character ran a whole lot deeper than that.

Some of the plot innovations that happened in the original series were pretty evident in this plot as well, but it was still a very good read.

I’m also happy we got to see a bit more of Meghan’s son, Kieran. Here’s a warning: if you are planning on reading this, make sure you don’t read the prequel short stody, titled ‘Iron’s Prophecy’ because it contains minor spoiler for Call of the Forgotten.

Kieran’s ending was simply heartbreaking. I’ll admit I might have shed a tear or two (okay, a lot) at the end. Of course I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I just need to say the ending was beautiful, fitting, and got me pretty emotional.

Like I said, if you enjoyed the Iron Fey, you should definitely read this (if you haven’t already).


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