Cruel and Beautiful World by L. Stoddard Hancock

After an ancient war that left the outside air toxic, the shielded city of Utopia is the only safe place left in the world. Or so its citizens are taught to believe.

Many dismiss the lies fed to them by a familial line of crooked presidents and choose to live outside the city’s walls. But when a new president takes control, he wages a war on these Outsiders, and their leader’s daughter Deryn Leon is caught in the crossfire.

Five years later Deryn is a slave. Beaten and starved, she has little will to go on. But when a chance encounter leaves her with a means for escape, the forgotten fire inside of her ignites once more and she takes the opportunity with one swipe of a knife to her owner’s throat.

But escaping Utopia isn’t easy. While hiding in plain site, Deryn is discovered by Xander Ruby, the Utopian Guardian inadvertently responsible for her capture in the first place.

Xander, who is guilt-stricken by everything he has done as a Guardian, wants nothing more than to get Deryn home. He takes her in and they soon form a powerful bond that will not be broken, even when the reality of this cruel and beautiful world threatens to tear them apart.

Okay, why the heck did it take me so long to realize that my favorite Harry Potter fanfic has been turned into a book? I was going to post this earlier, but it got postponed because of the post on Fantastic Beasts.

It used to be on under the name Cruel and Beautiful World by Lena Phoria (check out her other fanfictions, they are also really good), and I was looking for it a few weeks ago because I felt like a reread. Guess what? Broken Wings, Cruel and Beautiful World Book 1, is now available for sale.

Let me tell you that it is simply amazing, even better than the fanfic (my condolences to those of you who will now be unable to read the fanfiction version). There are so many emotions involved here, like love, passion, and hate, and it is such a beautiful, beautiful story. The plot is intricate, and there ate so many instances where you just want to cry because things are so sad. I love the character developments, and I felt that everything is just so realistic. For a casual fanfiction writer, her quality of writing is truly amazing and I really hope her books do well.

That being said, the series title, Cruel and Beautiful World, is perfect for the books. I think it completely describes the deepness and darkness, and also the happy moments that are just so…. Ugggh I can’t put it into words.

Yes, it is very dark, but that is what adds to the appeal. R-rated, for those of you who appreciate content warnings. But please please read it even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fanfic lover, I promise you’ll enjoy it (well, hopefully).


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