The Noru by Lola St.Vil

Sixteen years ago, the Guardians destroyed Atourum and the Quo empire led by the Sage. They thought everything was over. But now, a new evil haunts them from their past.

Fourteen year old Pryor Reese Cane leads a pretty average life for the daughter of a First Guardian and Death. But that changes when she sees the people of New York City hurl themselves to their death. Suddenly, she is faced with a sinister reminder of her father’s deadly past – and he’s out for blood.

With all of their allies trapped on another realm, and her team keeping dark secrets from her, Pryor must lead the Noru on a wild goose chase to stop what could be the greatest danger the world has ever seen.

Because this time, there’s no going back.

Just a quick note before I start: the books dont have an actual blurb, so the synopsis above is my own, not the author’s.

The Noru is a sequel to the Guardians Series, and I’m glad to say that Lola has made an improvement on the quality of writing and the storyline. The plot definitely thickens, and I found myself getting really into the books.

That being said, I dont think Lola St. Vil has written a single book that doesn’t have a hundred plot twists and cliffhangers. Since the series isn’t finished yet, waiting for the next book is torture.

However, there are still just as many typos. Also, Pryor doesn’t really act like a 14 year old – she behave either much older or much younger depending on her mood. In addition,teenage angel dram is, well, pretty dramatic.

Don’t get me wrong, these are still pretty good books, but you’d also be surprised at the number of basic plot similarities between this series and the first one. Let me give you a few examples.


The Guardians: Emmy needs to die for the mission. There are 6 Akons. Miku gets an alter ego. Rio dies. Bianca takes Marcus’ Rah. Rage defects to the Light. The Light is destroyed. Baby Mouse dies. Ameana is forced to bond with Wolf.

The Noru: Randy needs to die for the mission. There are 6 Kasters. Swoop gets an alter ego. Keyohmi dies. Ruin takes Aaden’s Rah. Ruin defects to the light. The Light is sealed. Baby Sparks dies. Pryor is forced to bond with Hunter.

Well I guess there’s only so many plot twists you can have before you run out of ideas…


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