5 Kick-A Heroines From My Favorite Books

Disclaimer: I don’t own or claim credit for the feature image or pictures in this post.

5. Harper Madison from Shadow Demons by Sarra Cannon

Harper is half demon. I love her because she is an amazing person. She’s thrown into a world where everyone expects her to be a power hungry monster, and people genuinely want her to enslave demons in order to do that. But she’s still able to resist that temptation for incredible power. She’s also quite brave, eager to prove herself, and isn’t very clingy – something I admire.


4. Saira Elian from Immortal Descendants by April White

Saira is half time traveller and half shape shifter. She is very, very independent because she’s always had to take care of herself, and she is an expert free-runner. I love that she has a free spirit and doesn’t have a problem upstaging anyone who doubts her. Saira is also amazingly sassy, intelligent, and clever.


3. Mackenzie Smith from Blood Destiny by Helen Harper

Mack is one eighth dragon, and is a shape shifter. I love Mack because of her fiery temper. It’s gotten her into trouble a lot, but it’s also what makes her so sassy. She can fight better than anybody else and doesn’t hesitate to give right back to anyone who tries to throw shyt at her. She’s also a rebel in so many different ways.


2. Thalia Valdyrstal from Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn

Thalia is a siren. She is also one of the strongest heroines I’ve read about. Thalia has been through so much unimaginable torture, but she still comes out strong and unwilling to break. The way she can handle anything you throw at her is amazing. But at the same time she’s also pretty kind hearted and human, and I really really love her. (Yes, I know this picture is derived from Daenerys Targaryen, but she’s my fancast for Thalia.)


1. Arya Dröttningu/Svitkona from Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

Arya is an elf. And I have to say, her kick-a reputation beats them all. Fierce, devoted, passionate, loyal, brave, sacrificing, strong… The list goes on. She’s a perfect leader, with the ability to see what is good for her people – even if it means giving up everything of her own. She is impossible to break and has a very, very high threshold for pain – physical and emotional. She is also the one character who no one messes with. But she also has a really big heart, which people don’t often stop to think about.



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